UGLYDOLL Mini Clip On Ugly Worm


Ugly Worm Mini Clip On UGLYDOLL They’re hip, huggable, playful and you bet – UGLY!

You know you can trust these guys to look after your keys. Really, you can. Just don’t blame them if your car is borrowed on a permanent basis. Everyone needs to pop out a few times an hour to buy snacks!

Uglyworms want power. The power to do great and wonderful things. They want your power. You know that thing you do? Uglyworms want to do that. And you know those things you think you can’t do? Uglyworms know you CAN do those things. They think you’re bluffing. Oh what power! Some Uglyworms are sneaky. Some are crafty. All are hungry… For knowledge… Like where do you keep the carrot cake? How long before ice cream goes bad? Knowledge is power.

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Product details:
Mini Clip On Ugly Doll 10.5cm
Oppenheim Best Toy Award
Ages 3+