Ordering Gifts

Ordering a gift online through Yopie’s Store?  We’ve got it covered, and it’s free of charge.

Tell us you’re ordering a gift and we’ll:

  • Pop your items in a Gift Bag
  • Write a card with your message
  • Send the gift to lucky recipient
  • Send the invoice to you

Simply check the “Pop this in a gift bag” box at checkout, and add your message in the “Gift card message” box.

If you have any other instructions for us regarding your gift or order, please add them in the “Order notes and instructions” box, or alternatively you can email us at hello@yopie.co.nz or call us on 022 1511 311.


abima uglydoll at yopie's store, new zealand

“Abima is out of control! He’s got his hand in the cookie jar, and his mind on the next adventure, which is probably going to involve bouncing off the walls and knocking over expensive stuff. He only knocks over the expensive stuff. Not to worry though. Abima is very protective and would always watch out for you. Are you scared of the dark? So is Abima! Oh. Anyway, Abima loves to visit his favorite cousin Wage. They look like they could be related, right? Maybe he’s your cousin too.”