UGLYDOLL Little Ugly Tray


UglyDoll Tray Little Ugly Doll – FREE NZ Shipping!

Little Uglies… just like the big ones, only… little!

Tray is the brain of the bunch. Not because she is smart, but because she has three brains… in each lump, or one per eye, as Babo likes to point out. Tray is also the hungriest of all the Uglydolls, and has a desperate need for Blueberry Pie. Some say her eyes are blue because of her craving for it. Tray often combines her hunger for pie with her brainpower to talk Babo into getting food for her. Unfortunately, Babo usually brings back a branch, a rock, or something even less tasty. If you want to make Tray extra happy, sit her next to you in the subway, or in your car. It makes her feel important.

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Little UglyDoll 18cm