Esthex Pram Friends – Pink


Pram Friends by Esthex, The Netherlands – $22.50 – FREE NZ Shipping!

These dinky little Pram Friends are a great addition and super toy for the pram, stroller, or car seat.

Three friends streeeeetch across buggy straps and love to dance around with babies. Velcro on each end attaches them securely and safely.

  • Bouncy, snuggly, chewable friends!
  • Velcro attachment for the buggy, high chair, bouncer, or car set
  • Bright and bold shapes to appeal to babies

Buggy toys made of soft felt – these wee people are bound to liven up any baby’s trip!

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Product details
Buggy toys made of soft felt, with velcro fastening
Size: 12 x 30 cm
Material: soft felt
Available in: blue, pink and orange

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