Esthex Cuddle Cube – Pink


Baby Toy Cuddle Cube by Esthex, The Netherlands – $22.50 – FREE NZ Shipping!

Those little sweet baby hands will love grabbing these soft chunky blocks!

Super squishy and soft, these fun Cuddle Cubes have different textures and patterns on each side and a jingly bell inside.

  • Build them up, knock them down!
  • Chew, squeeze, scrunch and listen!
  • Bright, bold shapes to appeal to baby’s eyesight

Esthex toys are inspired by the humor and simplicity of childhood drawings. Sofie was a model for the first Esthex doll and this was only the beginning of creating a whole family of dolls and friendly animals. Some characters like to play a musical tune, others like to entertain around the cradle or pram and some just like hanging around with the little ones.

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Product details:
Soft cube baby toy
Scrunchable, squeezeable, chewable, stackable
Size: 16cm x 16cm x 16cm
Material: Cotton
Available in: Pink/multi and Blue/multi

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