UglyDoll of the Month for March 2012

Plunko has been awarded ‘Ugly of the Month’ for March 2012. Add him to the shopping cart, then enter the code AWARDED at checkout to get 50% off.

Click here to meet Plunko the UglyDoll. He comes in original size and mini clip on too!

“Plunko is a business man. He’s got his own car wash, his own tire store, and ideas for lots of other stores. Some of those ideas are his very own! Plunko is a good guy to know. If you know Plunko, you can say you’ve got some connections. And if you call Plunko’s phone, you may get a bad connection. So anyway, are you sold on Plunko? Are you ready to do business? Plunko is the ultimate business partner because he only wants 100% of your love and even less of your money.”