Good 2 year old boys birthday cakes

We just had our sons 2 year old combined antenatal birthday party and I was responsible for the cake for the boys…….so what did I do a rugby field – not very original but pretty easy for the novice baker that I am!  I would post a picture of my creation but it is not really internet worthy 🙁  Hopefully one day my son Larry will look at it and say thanks for trying Mum.  What are some cakes you have made for your kids?

Boys Birthday Cake

Here are some great cakes I found on pinterest…(left) for those little cowboys out there, super cute, way out of my league though (pinned on, for the super heroes, this is a great idea (bottom) (pinned via Zandra Peyton)  and below (middle) not sure about a birthday cake but it is very clever!  (pinned on  We would love to see some of your creations?

Amazing Fondant Cakes | absolutely awesome boys birthday cakes of course as you know any cakes ...Super boy birthday cake