Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Well I know my kids think Dad is a Superhero and I think he is a bit of alright too…. so why not tell the Dad in your household by getting a gorgeous book you, Dad and the kids can read.  We have just got 2 new books in store by the amazing Ella O’Reilly – “Dads are so awesome” and “I’m from New Zealand”.

A couple of my favourite lines in the “Dads are so awesome” book…. “My Dad is awesome, in fact he’s incredible, ’cause he says: Tomato Sauce is a vegetable” …then topped off with “Yep, Dads sure are awesome – all round day and night…I know ’cause Mum said so and Mums are always right”. BRILLIANT….These are just a couple of the pages, they really are very cool – go check them out here …..https://yopie.co.nz/shop/20-gifts/kids-story-book-dads-are-so-awesome/

Also if your Dads are anything like the one in our household he is always wanting to know how much the kids weigh or what height they are – think it must be a man thing – so why not look at the cute height charts from ERUPT prints as well … heres a link https://yopie.co.nz/buy-online/kids-rooms-decor/height-charts/

To all you Dads out there reading this – HAPPY FATHERS DAY for the 7th September – have a great day with your beautiful families.