World Animals Flash Cards


World Animals Flash Cards – $34 – NZ Free Shipping

Make learning about animals of the world fun with this set of illustrated flash cards.

Cards include:
World map, alpaca, armadillo, brown bear, elephant, emperor penguin, Eurasian badger, giraffe, gorilla, grey wolf, hippopotamus, kiwi, lemur, leopard, lion, mountain beaver, one-humped camel, orangutan, panda, polar bear, raccoon, reindeer, rhinoceros, sloth, striped skunk, tiger, toucan and zebra.

Recommended age is for 3 years plus, however with adult supervision they can be used from a younger age.

Can be used as flashcards or put on wall as decoration in the nursery or your toddlers room.

In stock


Cards measure approximately 100 x 150mm.
Digitally printed on 300GSM environmentally friendly paper with rounded corners.
Flash cards come come with a calico drawstring bag.
Each card is double sided and has been laminated for protection.
There are 28 cards in the pack.