Snoozebaby Suave Pants White


Suave Pants White by Snoozebaby – $27.50 – FREE NZ Shipping!

Loose-fitting and soft pants, that sit comfortably during play time.

These pants have an elastic waistband and have an elastic strap on both ankles for a secure and snug fit.

This newborn fashion item is available in size 50 (0 months), 56 (1-2 months), 62 (2-4 months) and 68 (4-6 months).

Adorable for boys and girls with year-round fun and comfort.



Product details:

Materials: 91% cotton; 9% elastane
Size: 4 – 6 months
Machine wash only; 30 degrees, short program, do not tumble dry, no ironing – please check each label after each washing

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