Salt Water Sandal Retro – Adult (Tan) Size 6


The Salt Water Retro is exactly that – a re-discovered gem of a style from the 1970s that we were delighted to find in the Hoy Shoe Company archives. The distinctive criss-cross straps have really stood the test of time, so the Retro is definitely back!

The Retro style can be found to be narrow across the top of the foot. You can loosen them by simply popping your sandals on, stand in a bucket of cool water for a few minutes and then allow your sandals to dry while you’re wearing them so that they mould nicely to the shape of your foot.

Limited sizes and colours available.

Remember to check your size as per the size guide before placing your order.  Please note all sizes listed on this website refer to Salt Water and Sun-San sizing, which are unique to the brand.



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