Yopie’s Store affiliate program

Want to spread the word about Yopie’s Store and our awesome products?  Well, we’d love to reward you for doing it.  And not just a chocolate fish – we can now track and pay affiliate referrals through our new website!

Our website has already brought you free shipping and fundraising options, and now it also brings you our new affiliate program!

If you have a website or blog, or perhaps you just want to spread the word about Yopie’s Store by email, Facebook, or Twitter – we’d love you to join our team! In exchange for spreading the word about our little store, we’re offering our affiliates 15% commission on all sales they refer to us.

Keen? We need to set you up with some login details and a special code that you can use to direct people to us. We also have a range of banners and images that you can use online, or we can make up something just for you!

How you can refer people:

  • They click on your link to our store (in an email, Facebook or Twitter post, or on your website or blog)
  • They click on a banner or image on your website or blog
  • They click on an ad in your website or blog

We pay our affiliates monthly and you can set up or cancel at any time. Our affiliates must also agree to and adhere to our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

Join the team? Contact Corinne to discuss.